Don Daglow is a pioneering game designer and 2008 Technical Emmy® Award recipient whose career spans the history of the video games industry.  A three-time Inc. 500™ CEO, Don advises a diverse mix of global clients, from small mobile game and app startups to large international publishers.  

He also serves as an Advisor at the Founders Space Accelerator in San Francisco, and as the founding President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation, the charitable wing of the Academy.

Don has delivered keynotes and speeches at The Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington D.C., BAFTA in London, the Biennale in Frankfurt, Medientage in Munich and many international games conferences.

He is the only industry executive who has held leadership positions on every generation of video game consoles, from 1980 to the present day.  He designed computer games before the invention of Pong, and created online games before the opening of the public Internet.  In 2003 he received the CGE Award for "groundbreaking achievements that shaped the Video Game Industry."

Don Daglow is the only games industry pioneer who is credited with creating seminal games in four different game genres:

Role Playing – First computer RPG (Dungeon, 1975); first graphical MMORPG (Neverwinter Nights, 1991, Emmy® Award 2008)

Sports – First interactive sports game (Baseball, 1971); first use of multiple camera angles in video games (Intellivision World Series Baseball, 1983); produced two of the first three EA sports titles (1984-87)

Sim or God Games – First simulation video game (Intellivision Utopia, 1981)

Real Time Strategy – First game with RTS elements (Intellivision Utopia, 1981); first 3D display in RTS games (Stronghold, 1993)

As a programmer on mainframe computers, Daglow also created key early milestones in the development of chatbots (ECALA, 1972) and the machine translation of natural language (Spanish Translator, 1977).

Along with John Carmack of id Software and Mike Morhaime of Blizzard Entertainment, Daglow is one of only three game developers whose work has been honored at both the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards and at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Awards.

In addition to game design, he is also an accomplished writer, with awards from The National Endowment for the Humanities (playwriting) and multiple honors for his literary mystery novel, The Fog Seller.


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The Fog Seller: A San Francisco Mystery

Fog Seller Front Cover Med for Web

Some of you may know that I was a professional writer and teacher before the games industry began. In addition to being a Game Developer, for the last seven years I've taken little pockets of late-night time for a writing project I wanted to bring to life.

That project is The Fog Seller, a mystery novel set in San Francisco, and it just went on sale (e-book and paperback). If you've ever felt like people just make assumptions instead of really listening to you, this story will feel familiar. If you like mysteries or love stories please take a look at it on Amazon. I'd also be deeply grateful for an Amazon review if you give it a read.

The one influence from years of working on online and mobile games: the chapters are shorter than in many novels, to make them easier to read waiting to pick up the kids or as a break at lunch.

The Fog Seller is the story of Steve Ondelle, a Sausalito ferry deckhand and a deeply introverted young man who never answers questions about his past. He's the perfect suspect in a political assassination around a billion-dollar land deal, because he acts and sounds guilty even though he's innocent.

With his street-performer roommate Liam the Fog Seller and a bizarre collection of friends like Leonard the Human Statue, astronomer Paula Costa, The Prophet of Market Street, veterinary physical therapist Emma Hernandez, and radio DJ Phil Steen, Steve takes on the lies of the wealthy and the powerful in San Francisco.

I'd love to hear your feedback if you read it!

AIAS Foundation Announces 2015 Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarship Winners


2015 AIAS Scholars

2015 AIAS Scholars -- Top Row: Debanshu Singh, Lauren Scanlan
Bottom Row: Sumeet Khobare, Ryan Sligh. 


As President of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the AIAS, I am proud to share that we have announced our 2015 Randy Pausch Memorial Scholarship and Mark Beaumont Memorial Scholarship winners. You can also read about last year's winners here.

These $2,500 scholarships are awarded annually in the memory of Dr. Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University, a pioneer in professional games industry education and author of The Last Lecture; and Mark Beaumont, former COO of Capcom, who also served as an executive at Activision and Midway. You can see a video of Dr. Pausch's famous Last Lecture on this year's scholarship announcement page.

In addition to their cash scholarships, the four AIAS Scholars are invited to attend the 2016 D.I.C.E. Summit and 19th annual D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas on February 16-18, 2016. The Foundation assigns each Scholar one or more Mentors at the event, who advise them and introduce them to industry leaders. If you'd like to volunteer to mentor scholars at D.I.C.E. please get in touch with me! 

This year's winners are: 

Randy Pausch Scholarships

Sumeet Khobare, University of Southern California

Ryan Sligh, Southern Methodist University


Mark Beaumont Scholarships 

Lauren Scanlan, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Debanshu Singh, University of Pennsylvania


The full press release with comments from the scholarship winners is located here.

If there is someone whom you or your company would like to honor by funding an AIAS scholarship in the name of another individual or organization, or if you'd like to financially support the Pausch and Beaumont funds, please contact me and I'll connect you to the right people at the AIAS. All donations are tax deductible.



Applications Open for 2015 AIAS Randy Pausch & Mark Beaumont Scholarships


2015AIASScholarshipsOpen-hdr[L. to R, AIAS Foundation President Don Daglow, 2014 Beaumont Scholar Danielle Powers, USC Games Director Tracy Fullerton, 2014 Pausch Scholar Chitvan Gupta, 2014 Beaumont Scholar Lee Anne Opfer, 2014 Pausch Scholar Anthony Scott at the 2014 DICE Awards ceremony.]


The AIAS Foundation is proud to announce that we have opened our applications for the 2015 AIAS Scholarships.

The Randy Pausch Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor the memory of Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Professor Dr. Randy Pausch, who is best known for his book and video titled The Last Lecture (and the video is embedded at the bottom of this page). The Pausch Scholarships provide two $2,500 awards each year to students who are preparing for careers in the games industry, including animation, art, engineering, game design, game direction, music composition, programming and sound design.

The Mark Beaumont Scholarship, which also provides two annual $2,500 scholarships, was established in 2010 to honor the memory of former Capcom North America and Europe COO Mark Beaumont, who held executive roles in the games industry for over 25 years and was widely respected by his peers and teams. The Beaumont Scholarships are targeted at students studying for careers in business management, law, marketing, public relations, and sales.

All four scholarship winners are invited to participate in our mentorship program at the 2016 DICE Summit and at the DICE Awards ceremony, and the picture above shows the 2014 Scholars at the 2015 DICE Awards with myself and USC's Tracy Fullerton.

You can click this link to read about the 2015 Randy Pausch Scholarship winners and 2015 Mark Beaumont Scholarship winners.

You can also go to Information and the application form for the Randy Pausch Scholarships.  Right click on the page and choose "Save as..." to download.

And from here for information and the application form for the Mark Beaumont Scholarships.


Dr, Randy Pausch, "The Last Lecture"



I'll Be Presenting on Issues of Going Indie at GDC 2015


Yellow Brick Road Title

Going Indie: 10 Questions to Help Decide if it's Right for You

Location:  Room 130, North Hall, Moscone Center
Date:  Friday, March 6
Time:  2:50 PM - 3:50 PM

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Summits, Tutorials & Bootcamps Pass, Student Expo Pass, Main Conference Pass, Independent Games Summit Pass, Audio Pass, Expo Pass


I'm delighted to be discussing the topic of "Going Indie: 10 Questions to Help Decide if it's Right for You" at GDC again this year.

I'm especially happy to be delivering this session as part of the Game Career Seminar, which means that in addition to being open to the standard GDC all-access pass, it's also open to attendees with summit passes, student expo passes and expo passes.

Everyone always loves to give you advice about how you should or shouldn't be an Indie, and what your next steps should be.

But what we need most of all is to have a dialogue with ourselves, to figure out what we really want and how we really feel so we can make informed decisions on our careers.

That's what this session provides.  I'll guide attendees through a series of questions which you answer only for yourself (we don't see or share answers in the session), and provide context for how to look at your answers to have them guide you towards or away from an Indie work and lifestyle.

You already know the answers.  All we have to do is ask the right questions to bring them out.

I hope I'll get to see you there!



We're Looking for Mentors Attending the AIAS's 2015 DICE Conference


2014 DICE Scholars

(AIAS & DICE scholars join us at DICE Awards 2014, with thanks to DICE Scholars Sponsor Intel, L to R: Keith Leiker, AIAS Foundation President Don Daglow, Sarah Conde, Atlas Chen, Chris Burris, Khaled Abdel Rahman, Raymond Tan, DICE Mentor Warren Spector)


Are you going to the AIAS's 2015 DICE Conference?  

Would you like to volunteer to mentor one of our DICE and AIAS Scholars there?  

If so, please email me or message me on Facebook.  We have a great mix of scholars (some of whom you can read about here) following in the footsteps of the group pictured above, and some wonderful returning mentors as well.